Kingsoft office suite free 2013The new version of Kingsoft Office Suite has received significant changes

The company Kingsoft Software has announced a new version of its free product KingSoft Office Suite Free 2013. This office suite is one of the most popular alternatives to Microsoft Office on the Asian market. Now the solution has an updated interface and improved support for the latest Office-formats.

KingSoft Office Suite consists of three tools: Writer, Spreadsheets and Presentation – all of them have received a number of improvements and new features. First of all, it’s Ribbon-interface with a key advantage enjoyed by and the package Microsoft Office: ability to view and switch between multiple documents in a single tabbed window.

Revision 2013 offers two styles of interfaces to choose from, both are based on the UI, still taken from the previous 2012 version. The design was intentionally modified in such a way that the fans will like the new system Windows 8. Members package can quickly switch from the regime in 2013 for 2013 Elegant Black Water Blue, and vice versa, with the traditional look of the interface with the now familiar set of tools and menus will also remain available.

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Other changes relate to increased support and other numerical symbols received in Europe, the U.S., UK, Canada and New Zealand, including the ability to enter a currency symbol euro and pound sterling from the keyboard. Foreign users can also use the Alt Gr key for use with certain characters.

Another advantage that is available to users – creating new documents from templates and are canceled even after saving the file. A useful variation is also improved support for new PowerPoint and Excel (. Pptx,. Xlsx) formats.

Section Kingsoft Spreadsheets can now work with the tables of up to 1,048,576 of horizontal cells and 16,384 speakers were also added 37 new options for the treatment of statistical and financial data. Kingsoft Presentation feature of the new steel support for creating and deleting comments to the presentation, the use of background images for the slideshow, move compressed files and folders, and much more.

Free version of Kingsoft Office Suite Free 2013 is now available for download