Windows fingerprint scannerIn recent years, Microsoft focuses on non-standard methods of information protection. As you know, Windows 8, there is a graphical password, and PIN. Another promising area is the controller Kinect – in the future he will be able to recognize faces and scan the retina.

The operating system Windows 8.1 will support integrated fingerprint reader, writes The Verge referring to representatives of Microsoft.

The new version of the operating system Windows 8.1 will be equipped with a scanner for fingerprint recognition. A similar function was present in previous versions of the OS, but its software and drivers for the device belonged to the third-party vendors. In Microsoft noted that the fingerprint scanner support was made possible thanks to the close cooperation with the “two – three” manufacturers of such devices whose names were not disclosed.

Microsoft supports Fingerprint-scanners in their devices since the mid-90s. the last century. Earlier scan was performed using third-party software and drivers. In Windows 8.1 Microsoft wants to make the encryption fingerprint integral part of the system and extend its functionality.

The new operating system, Windows 8.1, Microsoft will introduce its own production scanners. Windows 8.1 will “recognize” scanners without any additional software. Users will be able to associate fingerprints with the account Microsoft. The new feature will allow customers to log on to make purchases, register and sign in. The company also urged its partners to embed scanners in laptops, tablets, keyboard and mouse.

A recent rumor that Microsoft will introduce in Windows 8.1 support for fingerprints, very pleased fans of the platform, even though the software giant has stubbornly remained silent on the subject. However, these days the Internet appeared visual confirmation of input into future support Windows 8 on a fingerprint.

According to the website WinBeta, support for fingerprint authentication has been seen recently in the “leaked” of build of Windows 8.1. This means that with high probability of support for fingerprint will be presented in preview-version of Windows 8.1, which is due out this month.

Windows fingerprint scanner

On the screenshot is also noticeable that this functionality requires a device that reads fingerprints. It also prompts the user to scan a fingerprint five times in order to successfully identify them. Then, when you log in, the user will have to select the fingerprint as one of the input options, as well as c picture password or PIN, which is already available in Windows 8.

As can be seen, the forthcoming operating system will add to the account thumbprint. Moreover, to obtain a clear fingerprint may be required to attach the finger several times.

Obviously, only one software support is necessary. The device should have a fingerprint reader. And such a reader may well appear on the new Surface Tablet, and other tablets with Windows RT 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Pro.

On the other hand, the official confirmation of support for the fingerprint reader from Microsoft Windows 8.1 have been reported. So while this news should be treated with some skepticism. After all, even if Microsoft is now thinking about this possibility, it may at any time give it up.

Windows 8.1 is a major upgrade to the operating system Windows 8. Its beta version will be released on June 26. It is expected that Windows 8.1 will attend the button “Start”, which is not in the eight, and the user will be able to skip the screen with “live tiles” on boot.

And you would be useful “biometric” password, friends?