Monty WideniusThe founder of MySQL proposed Business Source, a new monetization model of open source software

Michael Widenius, founder of the MySQL and MariaDB, in the process of considering possible new ways to monetize open source software offered to discuss a new concept of Business Source.

Business Source essence is to ensure that access to the product and its source code are only paid subscribers for the remaining code is sent to public access after a period of being in a restricted access. For example, after three years of limited distribution code is proposed to publish under a standard open licenses.

At the same time, Business Source focuses mainly on proprietary software producers interested in starting their own code, but be wary of the potential negative impact of such a move on the business. Business Source is seen as a new type of license that balances between proprietary and open source software. Technically Business Source can be designed as a license in which status code is determined depending on its lifetime. Up to a certain age, the code remains limited availability, and shall come into effect after the usual open license.

Business Source Widenius believes a better approach than the model Open Core. Business Source retains all the advantages of Open Source, with the exception of the opening of the code at once, but with some delay. Business Source minimizes binding to the vendor, allows itself to correct errors in the software and implement improvements. While the Open Core model eliminates access to all source code, spreading in the clear only basic functionality, but developing enhanced capabilities in the form of proprietary components to the code that do not have access to even commercial users.

For enterprises Business Source will help keep the revenue and open up the source code. As an example, MySQL, following the transfer of GPL code on the company’s profit fell by 80%, but this was the expected course of events and in three months, thanks to the introduction of competent dual licensing model, profit margins recovered, and then increased. The problem is that the strategy of dual licensing is effective only for infrastructure products, they depend on other products, and is not suitable for all types of software. For example, the dual licensing model, and provide little support service applies to products for end users, such as a music player. For those areas in which the traditional model of monetization Open Source does not work, and offers Business Source.

Separately, emphasized that Business Source is positioned as an option for the business, developing proprietary products, which should not be associated with an already open source projects and even more developments to which the Widenius. In particular, references to Business Source should not be domyslivat as an attempt to change the terms of the development of database MariaDB, which is and will remain fully open source and free project.