Windows 8.1 will use standard MiracastMicrosoft Inc., worried the release of his first update to the operating system, Windows 8, has already submitted earlier list included changes that affect mostly on the appearance of the OS and the tile interface.

At this time, the company announced the functional features of Windows 8.1, one of which will be to support standard wireless transmission of multimedia signals – Miracast.

Miracast is designed as an open alternative to Apple’s AirPlay technology, and transfers the content via a Wi-Fi-Router, to any device, meaning users will be able to produce a more convenient communication between two devices operating on an upgraded OS. In addition, with the help of Miracast can transfer data from a PC, smartphone or other device to your compatible TV.

Potentially, Microsoft could also be included in the update will support Miracast Xbox One, which would allow devices running Windows 8.1 design their screens via Xbox One. The catch is that while all vendors and PC screens would definitely provide support Miracast for Windows 8.1 on their devices, but it would place at risk the future of the wired projection equipment.

In addition, the boxed version of Windows 8.1 will feature Wi-Fi tethering, that is able to act as an access point without the need to install third party applications and complex settings. Among other high-tech features Windows 8.1 will be able to print using the NFC and a Wi-Fi Direct, and system administrators love our advanced security settings of the OS.