iRadioAfter months of protracted negotiations on its future stream Internet radio stations, the corporation Apple, finally settled almost all licensing disputes with the music labels.

If we believe the sources knowledgeable about the plans of the corporation, she is already next week will present the public this new ambitious project.

iRadio – that is how the Western press has dubbed the new music radio station – a bit like the famous service Pandora, which selects streaming music to suit individual tastes and preferences of each user.

The idea came from Apple yet, at least last summer. But since then, the company failed to move forward strongly. First of all, due to problems with the record labels and music publishers, which are not hard to guess, did not want to miss out on their benefits and required relatively high royalties – say all of the same anonymous sources informed.

Although the agreement is not reached with all music companies, Apple is determined to get a license at the time of publication iRadio service at its annual developers conference, which starts on June 10 in San Francisco. It is planned that will be heard iRadio songs artists record label Universal Music Group, the studio Warner Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment company and its junior department Sony / ATV, which cooperate Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga. Officials from Apple has not commented on the rumors about the new project.

It is expected that internet radio under the apple logo will be free, existing only through advertising. Such a policy – a consequence of the relatively late market entry streaming music broadcast on the Internet, although the rapid growth of turning around, but not too profitable. Followers of the same Pandora has over 70 million listeners, most of whom do not pay for listening – about the same situation is observed in radio stations Google, Spotify and Clear Channel Communications.

The relatively small licensing fee, which is paid for Pandora, became a real sore point for the music labels who now hope to catch up in a contract with Apple, especially because it may affect the sale of songs through the store iTunes. For example, publishers who receive 4% contribution from Pandora, Apple’s wish for 10%.

Apple’s iRadio service is coming soon

So, apparently, to achieve favorable terms Apple is not very easy. Whatever it was, the official information is made available on the iRadio very soon – waiting for June 10.