XineAfter several years of development represented release xine-lib 1.2.3, the popular multi-platform library for playing video and audio files, as well as a set of related plug-ins.

The library can be used in a number of popular video players, including Xine-UI, gxine, Totem, kaffeine.

Xine supports work in multi-threaded mode, and supports a large number of popular and lesser-known formats and codecs that can handle both local content and transmitted over the network multimedia streams.

The modular architecture allows you to easily expand the functionality through plug-ins. 5 different major classes of plugins: input plugins for data reception (FM, DVD, CD, HTTP, etc.), plugins O (XVideo, OpenGL, SDL, Framebuffer, ASCII, OSS, ALSA, etc.), plug-ins to unpack mediakonteynerov (demuxer), plug-ins for decoding video and audio data, plug-ins for the application of effects (echo cancellation, equalizer, etc.).

Among the key innovations that have been added in the new release:

– Supports hardware accelerated video decoding using the interface VAAPI (Video Acceleration API), promoted by Intel;

– Added a plugin to organize output using OpenGL 2.0;

– Added a quick decoder JPEG-images based on libjpeg;

– The plug-in adds support for output XShm crop an image;

– In plugins output OpenGL, Xv and XShm added support color matrix and a full range of colors;

– A new input plugin for generating test patterns;

– Support for large tables PAT (Program Association Table) into MPEG TS;

– Ability to process the sound EAC3 (using ffmpeg).


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