Ubuntu 13.04New Ubuntu 13.04 Release Comes in Seven Different Varieties. These versions of Ubuntu which work completely differently, also exist for free download.

It is not always about that state-of-the-art computer that thrills many but also the software that runs on it. Imagine a situation whereby you have a customized Operating System that perfectly meets your needs.

It is very modest if you are able to exquisitely match with your PC.Ubuntu has been the world most known alternative OS that one could use free of charge in most cases. Ubuntu 13.04 version comes in handy as its community of developers are proud to present other releases to meet every one’s need. Let’s have a look at them in insight:

1. Edubuntu 13.04

Just from its name, the portion”Edu” has been derived from education. This is one operating system that is specifically developed for education enthusiast of different niches. It can be used mostly in school as it is customized for that environment. It comes with pre-installed games and application that are suitable for class lessons. This release is meant for trial for the next 9 months and if you install them in a school, you can opt to register for support that will last until 2017.It is for class lessons for example, it has an app called chemtool that is used for drawing chemistry structures or bluefish app used as an editor for developing web pages.

Edubuntu 13.04 is available now! Visit to web site: http://www.edubuntu.org/

2. Ubuntu GNOME

It is wise mentioning that the Tech Board approved this OS as the flavor of all the other Ubuntu versions. Its initial release was based on GNOME desktop that is mostly available on Linux. This one still mimics the very first Ubuntu. The different is that this is an improved one as it is based on GNOME 3 desktop that is indeed simple to use and intuitive.

Ubuntu GNOME 13.04 is available now! Visit to web site: http://ubuntugnome.org/

3. Ubuntu Studio

This is specifically for professionals in using Ubuntu rather than novice. It comes with special features such as an audio mixing software, 3D software, video file editing app, application for publishing and many more expert programs.

Ubuntu Studio 13.04 is available now! Visit to web site: http://ubuntustudio.org/

4. Kubuntu

This is an all round Operating System that can precisely fit any computer user. It comes with almost every application that you need to use at any given time. It has an Office Suite, media programs, browser just to mention. It is also 100% free to use as it’s an open source OS thus acting as an alternative to Windows and its Office. It is available for free as it is developed from open source tools such as Linux and Debian that have offered it a great deal of packages.

Kubuntu 13.04 is available now! Visit to web site: http://www.kubuntu.org/

5. Lubuntu

The objective of developing this OS was to come up with a lighter version of Ubuntu.It was developed keeping the fact that it needed to utilize less of computer resources but still maintaining its efficiency. This has been facilitated by using applications that utilizes less resources such as its X11 Lightweight Desktop Environment, a Graphical User Interface that act as its default working environment. If you have a machine that has hardware with low capability and old can utilize Lubuntu.

Lubuntu 13.04 is available now! Visit to web site: http://lubuntu.net/

6. Xubuntu

This is among the very simple and easy to use Operating System. It is also lighter since it is based on XFCE which is a lighter version of desktop environment and also very stable. This makes it effective to be used for both older and newer hardwares.It is suitable for anyone as it comes with commonly used application for everyday use. In some way, it resembles the GNOME version through its interface. It can perfectly be suitable for tablet use. Even though it is presumed to be a lightweight, it is not that lighter than Lubuntu.

Xubuntu 13.04 is available now!  Visit to web site: http://xubuntu.org/

From the look of the matter, we are able to see that Ubuntu community is working extra hard to meet all our needs. It does not matter where you are working as they have something great for you. You don’t have to stay stuck on that OS you are used to. It is about that time you should try on any of these Ubuntu 13.04 releases so as to explore on them all. By doing so, I bet you will find one that will be your all time companion.

If you want the most out of your desktop, why don’t you try Ubuntu new release? Remember that in this world of global connectivity, it is about you as the liveware, the software and the hardware.