ReactOSAfter more than a year since the last release,  ReactOS 0.3.15 released. ReactOS is operating system open source software, aimed at ensuring compatibility with software drivers and Microsoft Windows family of NT (XP/2003/Vista).

Series 0.3.x is on the “alpha” stage of development. To test the output produced demo LiveCD (412 MB), and the images to start running different virtualization systems.

The improvements include:

– Integration of USB-stack as the basis for which was used USB-stack developed by Project Haiku. The new stack allowed to implement initial support for keyboards, mice, and storage devices with USB. Including possible to boot from a USB-drive and install on USB-drive;

– The project started using CMake build system instead rbuild. Switching to CMake will further enable the full use of the Visual Studio package to work on components of ReactOS. In version 0.3.15 of many modules are already included annotations for static code analyzer Visual Studio;

– Completely rewritten subsystem for managing user sessions;
Presented a better alternative controller of memory that took care of all memory management functions with the exception of the sections;

– Updated driver UniATA, which provides support AHCI interface for connecting SATA-drives;

– Added the ability to debug components ReactOS using windbg;

– Improvements have been made that are based on the results of testing application package AutoHotKey;

– Held most of the synchronization code and DLL Win32 subsystem with the project Wine;

– Made numerous fixes a lot of work to eliminate memory leaks, improved quality of the drivers. There is a marked overall increase in stability compared to the previous release.

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