RetroUI Free ScreenshotThinix Company has released a new free version of the product RetroUI Free.

This is a useful application returns to the interface of Windows 8, the usual “Start” button, and lets get to the desktop immediately after the computer without going through the innovative “Start screen”.

In its users who have chosen RetroUI, will be the familiar “Start” menu in the style of Windows 7, complemented by its own search box and provides easy access to the applications and user folders (“Documents”, “Downloads”, “Pictures”, “Favorites” and others .). Suggested menu can also be used for quick access to “Control Panel”, “Device Manager” and other important components of the operating system.

Another interesting feature is the function RetroUI «TabletView». Attention is invited to a customizable shortcut bar that allows you to group the most popular applications. To use this option, click on the button «TabletView», located next to the “Start”. At your computer, you can choose to automatically enter the Windows desktop immediately after logging in, and do not turn off the interesting innovative interface elements, such as the Charms bar or active regions «Hot Corners».

Version RetroUI Free, as you can tell from its name, is distributed free of charge and, according to developers, do not set any restrictions. However, for the application, you will still have to fulfill one condition, namely, to visit the site RetroUI with your account Facebook, “like” page and fill out the online form with your contact information. After that, the specified e-mail will be sent to the license key. Attention users are also invited to the commercial version of Retro UI Pro valued at $ 4.99 with a set of additional functions.

Utility to Restore the Windows 7 Interface in Windows 8 with an Overall 4.5/5 Review

Restore the Windows 7 Interface in Windows 8
RetroUI Free Screenshot

RetroUI Pro 3 Brings The Efficiency And Simplicity Of Windows 7 To Windows 8 PCs