EaseUS Todo BackupEaseUS Todo Backup 6.0 – a new version of a set of utilities for backing up data

EaseUS Software Company introduced a new versions of the products EaseUS Todo Backup 6.0 Free and EaseUS Todo Backup 6.0 Workstation, powerful and easy-to-use tool for backing up data.

With the proposed application, users can save individual files or entire disks to create a copy, in case of need to quickly and easily restore the required data. Built-in scheduler allows to perform the backup operation in automatic mode, and support for incremental update saves time and disk space. You also have the ability to create bootable media based on WinPE, which can be useful in case of system failure, or when upgrading computer hardware.

One of the most significant innovations presented in a new version of the products is the long-awaited ability to restore individual files from a disk. Recall that, until recently, users who have a need for a specific file, you had to restore the entire disk or partition entirely. Now you’ll have a handy new master «Recovery Wizard», which displays a list of all available backups, and provide access to their content.

Limited OfferEaseUS Todo Backup 6.0 Workstation

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Todo Backup Workstation

With the built-in search tools you can find the file in the backup also be possible to recover all files of a certain type or size. Depending on the desires of the user, the selected objects can be restored in the original folder (replacing existing files or without it), or in any other directory or disk partition.

Users of EaseUS Todo Backup 6.0 Workstation also offers two new features «P2V Copy» and «P2V Recovery». These mechanisms allow for the transfer of hard drives (along with the operating system) on a virtual machine with minimal effort.