NasdaqAmerican Stock Exchange NASDAQ, specializing in the trading of shares of technology companies, has agreed to pay a record fine of ten million dollars for the mistakes made during the initial offering of the securities on Facebook.

This was The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission announced today.

Trading in shares of Facebook began on May 18 last year, after a delay of 25 minutes due to technical problems that are reported NASDAQ, were caused by excessive demand on the stock. As a result, more than 30,000 investors for two hours and did not know the status of their orders to buy and sell shares. The total damage from the crash is estimated at 500 million dollars. According to experts, after the problems had to cancel NASDAQ shares started trading social network.

IPO Facebook was to become one of the largest in history, there were going to attend a large number of investors, but the shortcomings of the system led to the NASDAQ crash. Moreover, the leadership of the exchange made decisions that led to the violation of the law,” – said in a statement the Commission The Securities and Exchange Commission. It also states that a penalty at ten million dollars, which will pay the NASDAQ, is the largest that has ever been superimposed on the exchange.

NASDAQ previously agreed to pay 62 million dollars in compensation brokerage firms who have suffered loss as a result of a computer failure.

Exit Facebook on the stock exchange was not as triumphant as predicted by many experts. However, IPO has brought the social network and its primary investors of at least $ 16 billion, becoming the largest in the history of U.S. Internet companies.