Gmail for Android and iOSGoogle today released an updated version of the mail client Gmail for the operating systems Android and iOS.

New versions of applications received an updated look, automatic labels for letters and new categories of letters – Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums.

The company said that the new version of the solution also supports a large degree of customization and work with new touch screens. New versions of applications users were able to “flip” the letters with simple gestures on the screen, and use the filters using gestures. In addition, the mobile application is capable of learning and trying to eventually filter out incoming emails itself, providing access primarily to the correspondence, which he most waits.

In general, applications have become more user friendly with a modern touch screens that support smaller gestures, multisensory control at other opportunities. At the same time, Gmail for iOS and Android have better integration into Google Plus.

In the company’s announcement said that the new version of the app for Android is available now, while the iOS-version will appear after it is approved by Apple. Also, Google said that in a few weeks will undergo modification and web version of Gmail.