Zorin OS 7Zorin OS 7 “golden mean” between Windows usability and power of Linux

A year after the submission of the distribution Zorin OS 6 developers have submitted a new release candidate version of its Linux operating system assembly called Zorin OS 7, built on the basis of the distribution Ubuntu.

In addition to many technical changes Zorin OS 7, the authors claim a full update of design. As planned by the developers, the platform Zorin OS is designed for those users who, although a smooth transition from Windows to Linux.

The basis for the release of Zorin OS 7 served as a recent and relevant distribution Ubuntu 13.04. Admittedly, this is one of the fastest and quality releases Ubuntu, which could not but affect the quality of the products created on its basis. In addition, instead of the kernel Kernel 3.2, applied to the previous build Zorin OS, the kernel now uses the latest Linux Kernel 3.8.

Another difference Zorin OS 7, a whole set of fresh software for everyday tasks. So, instead of utility Empathy instant messaging package is used Pidgin, and for the Mozilla Thunderbird mail instead of applying a Service Geary Mail. In terms of design can be identified entirely new standard desktop theme and logo of the.

Among other things, Zorin OS 7 offers extensive customization. For example, the shell Zorin Desktop with utilities Zorin Menu and Zorin Look Changer can make the working environment of Windows 7, XP, Vista or Mac OS X, if you prefer. In turn, the utility Zorin Web Browser Manager helps you to quickly set up and configure any of the popular web-browsers.

Zorin OS

Separately, Zorin OS developers claim that their product works “much faster than Windows 7,” as well as offering the highest level of security and stability, characteristic of Linux. Release Candidate build Zorin OS 7 is already available for download in 32-bit mode on the project site. The final release is planned to release a 64-bit assembly.

Zorin OS 7 core RC1 looking like a NEW beast

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