xboxOnline edition citing its sources reported that Microsoft is going to receive the domain name

Recall that Micrososft announced the game console Xbox One week ago, this console replaces the current Xbox 360 console.

However, the fact that the domain name is, of course, busy, and the current owner of the domain name it was long before Microsoft announced this console. It was recorded in December 2011, when even within the company still was not clear from the name of the new console.

One way or another, Microsoft, avoiding contact with the owner of the domain, decided to go directly to the National Arbitration Forum – an organization accredited by ICANN to resolve this kind of domain name disputes. In favor of Microsoft say three things, first, it is the owner of the brand Xbox, secondly, the information about the current owner of the domain is hidden, thirdly, a domain from the moment of its registration is not used and is in the parked position, which also points to cybersquatting motives. Considering all these factors, the chances of Microsoft sufficiently large.

On the other hand, if the owner of the domain name will go in the dead of legal defense, and will claim that he is leading the development of a product such as x-boxone or xb-oxone, then Microsoft lawyers have to sweat or offer decent compensation for the domain.