2x Battery - Battery SaverApp 2x Battery can solve one of the biggest problems of smartphones with Android, caused by too rapid discharge of the battery.

The application itself can disable data when you turn off the screen and automatically controls the communication 3G/4G/Wi-Fi in the background.

Thus, if  you need to perform data synchronization, the application may include access to the Internet at regular intervals in the background, and then disable it.

In addition, the application itself turns the screen off when the user puts the smartphone in your pocket. Because of this the battery life is extended.

Main Features:

– Smart management of Internet connection in the background;
– Support night mode (PRO-version);
– Support for the white list. The connection is not disabled at runtime from the white list;
– Automatically turns off the display when you put your phone upside down on a table or in a pocket;
– Built-in filter screen to reduce the screen brightness at night and conserve battery;
– Support for notification of a full charge and warning of a low battery;
– Change the theme battery icon;
– Customizable intervals enable and configure;
– Options to avoid tripping connections during charging;
– Ability to not include mobile data when the screen is unlocked;
– Compliance with the system configuration;
– Widgets;
– Display of the battery and use time since last disconnection from the power supply estimate of the end of charge, battery, voltage, temperature information, etc.

Version 2.61 added additional notifications and buttons, as well as the settings for the display of consumption data.

Download the free app for Android 2.2 and above can be in Google Play (Over 7,000,000 Downloads!).