Tizen UltraBook Conference 2013Intel demonstrated a version of Tizen platform for laptops, based on GNOME 3

Intel demonstrated by passing the San Francisco Conference Tizen Conference 2013 prototype ultrabook that comes with the platform Tizen. A notable feature of the notebook version of Tizen is a user shell Tizen Shell, based on the GNOME Shell.

Demonstrated environment Tizen option for laptops will be part of the future of the release of the Tizen 3.0, which will go beyond the system for smartphones. Code developments Intel for laptops, as well as ready-made image for installation on Tizen already issued laptops, to be published in the near future.

Tizen Shell is in the form written in JavaScript additions to GNOME Shell, in a similar way as in the GNOME 3.6 is implemented through additions classic desktop mode. Nevertheless, inherent in the platform Tizen web-oriented components, did not pass a version for laptops. In particular, a user interface in addition to regular features integrated support for GNOME 3 widgets running on top of a specially layer to perform separate web-applications written using HTML5 technology and Tizen Web API. Thus written with Tizen Web API applications will be able to work in all versions of Tizen, including smartphones and laptops.

Network management instead used by GNOME Network Manager configurator involved Connman, characterized by low utilization of system resources and the availability of flexible funds to extend the functionality through plug-ins. Among the other components of the platform can be noted PulseAudio sound server and Bluetooth-stack BlueZ.

Of the services offered in the base installation of applications are allocated an office suite LibreOffice, photo manager Shotwell, media player Rhythmbox, Linux-client digital game distribution service Steam. In the user environment is also tightly integrated tools for online-services, including supported Gmail / Gtalk, Jabber, IRC, Facebook, Twitter, Voip / SIP. Out of the box the vehicle available to create a controlled cloud-style Dropbox storage platform based OwnCloud.

Additionally, you can mention a competition Tizen App Challenge, aimed at encouraging the development of new applications using Tizen Web API. The prize fund is U.S. $ 4,000,000. The works will be accepted from June 3 to October 1. Size prizes in three categories (action, strategy and puzzles) related to game development, is 200 thousand dollars for first place, 100 000 for the second and 40,000 for the third. In six non-gaming categories (utilities, education, media, news, social networking, navigation) winners will receive prizes of $ 120 thousand dollars, came in second place – 60 thousand, the third – 30,000. Extras will be allocated 10 best HTML5-apps, authors will receive prize of 50 thousand dollars.

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