Microsoft Xbox One presentationMicrosoft corporation presented its new Xbox One console yesterday more details of which would be discussed within June E3 show in Los-Angeles.

However, not many were satisfied with stated data on the presentation. Some questions answers to which were most of all expected was left without due attention.

So, the company did not report how much would Xbox One cost while this question is important. The average price of the well packaged tablet is $500, and the lap top costs $600 – on the one hand; and Android smartphone is about $200 – on the other hand. So, the rice range of 400-500 dollars per console seems to be reasonable. However, it is obvious that Xbox One will have at least two editions: basic and premium.

It is also not clear when exactly Xbox One will be released. Most interrogated people agree that it will be between September and December, 2013. Sony Playstation 4 will appear on the market at approximately the same time. Many analysts believe that Xbox One and PS4 will be comparable by the functionality and capacity, and therefore the manufacturers will have to compete in less significant sectors – releases of games, accessories, and Internet-services.

There is not clarity concerning streaming-games which have been previously announced on the Playstation 4 but also should appear on Xbox One, however, now Microsoft has not said a word about this. It is also not clear whether Xbox One will be compatible with Xbox 360. In other words, will the current users of Xbox 360 have to throw away the boxes with games bought for the current edition of the console because they will not work on the new edition of the console? It is known, that Xbox One and Xbox 360 are not compatible on the hardware level, they have different central processors (new one has x86 and the old one has PowerPC), and that is why it will be possible to use games for Xbox 360 either in the streaming-mode, or using something like an emulator.

Microsoft did not tell anything about prices on Xbox Live service, more precisely about its possibilities that are directed toward Xbox One.

Moreover, it is not clear whether it is possible to play without physical Blu-ray disk in the console. Earlier a wide range of sources have confirmed that the game may be fully installed on Xbox One without using the optimal disk. The binding will be done on the online-account.

Microsoft Xbox One