Open SourcePresented release lightweight Linux-distribution Precise Puppy 5.6.

In contrast to the self-contained version of Wary Puppy assembly Precise Puppy performed using batch basis Ubuntu and focused on work on more powerful hardware. Using binary packages from Ubuntu has significantly reduced the time of preparation and testing release, and at the same time provided a packet compatibility with repositories Ubuntu, while maintaining compatibility with the classic format packages Puppy PET.

Despite the fact that the boot iso-image is only 170 MB in the distribution provides a full range of advanced features, operating at fairly modest hardware requirements. The graphical user environment based on the window manager JWM, own set of GUI-configurator (Puppy Control Panel) and widgets (Pwidgets – clock, calendar, RSS, connection status, etc.). In parallel with the Precise Puppy develops five branch distribution Puppy: classic Wary Puppy, innovative Quirky, optimized for 64-bit Systems FatDog64, aimed at netbooks Puppeee and based on packages in Slackware – Slacko Puppy.

As in the last issue in the version of Precise Puppy Linux 5.6 uses a batch basis Ubuntu 12.04. Graphical environment is built using the window manager Openbox. Celebrated the addition of new features interface Xorg Video Wizard, supply Linux 3.2.44 kernel without PAE collected and containing a portion of the new drivers, updated versions of the applications, the expansion of localization tools developed by the project components in the distribution (eg, Woof-script), improved package manager PPM (Puppy Package Manager).

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