Trailer Bioshock InfiniteOf course, you could not play the original game of Bioshock, but you’ve certainly heard about it. One of the most interesting shooter with a specific atmosphere and full-blooded plot was staying at the top of the rankings for several months in 2007.

Today we have a chance to try a new masterpiece of developers – Bioshock Infinite – a game with a completely different atmosphere and characters, but this game is for sure all the same incredible. Our review of Bioshock Infinite will introduce you to the magic of this amazing project.

The plot of Bioshock Infinite is intricate and interesting, and deserves to be analyzed in an independent article. The protagonist of the game – Booker DeWitt – is a former employee of a detective agency. He is mired in debt and tries to get rid of them, thus he needs to go to the flying city of Columbia and find a girl. The heroine name is Elizabeth, and she was inexplicably thrown into a metal tower in the middle of the city. At the very beginning of the game we do not know who she is, or even who ordered us to this mysterious kidnapping. As the game goes you will have a ghostly hints at every step, but you can understand them at the very end.

The run-out of Bioshock Infinite is simply amazing. Throughout the game you will collect the pieces of Elizabeth and Booker’s story, but at the end the whole story is just turned upside down. It is almost impossible to predict in advance imagination of developers, but the drastic turn of events at the end is thought out surprisingly well. In general, the plot of Bioshock Infinite could well serve as a script for a science fiction movie, but we were given the chance to take part themselves in the story, and not just watch it on the screen.

Another positive side of Bioshock Infinite is the game’s graphics. It is interesting but Bioshock Infinite PC does not require significant computer resources. Even a fairly weak machine (by modern standards)will be able to show you the beauty of the game with no brakes and lags. Flying city of Columbia is amazing. Here, everything is full of life, color and joy. Moreover, the city is surprisingly well detailed. At each “level” of the game you are given a number of optional locations, although, of course, you cannot say that Bioshock Infinite is a game with an open world. The highlight of Colombia is the monorail transport that can be used for long-distance moves. In this case, your enemies are also enjoying the air track, so sometimes you even have to fight, dangling down.

We can assure you that when you finally get to Colombia, for the first time you will not even want to shoot at the enemies, but to watch the incredible scenery of the city. However, as far as locations are beautiful, the local inhabitants are so mediocre. Non-player characters hardly interact with you, so it remains only to look at them and feel yourself as an invisible stranger in a mysterious town. Naturally, as soon as you open the firing, the police comes running from all corners of Colombia. But the guards are all the same in the face.

Bioshock Infinite is the game with an interesting system of conservation. Unlike previous games in this series here you will not be able to save at any time, and you will have to look for the next check-point. Of course, such a system is sometimes annoying, but in doing so the game becomes more complicated and interesting. The shooter is very similar to the previous games of Bioshock. You have to fight with dangerous robots and a lot of people. In combat, you can use a special weapons and magic abilities, gradually opening as the plot goes.

BioShock Infinite Easter Eggs and Secrets

In conclusion

Bioshock Infinite is the game that has the potential to become the best project of the year. A stunning and intricate plot, interesting ending, elegant graphics and a well-executed battle deserve the highest scores. The only thing that should be developed further is the behavior of non-player characters, but in comparison with the other advantages that little nuisance is not important.