MageiaAfter years of development before it the third release of Linux-distribution Mageia, in which an independent community of enthusiasts is developing a fork of the project Mandriva.

Available for download 32 – and 64-bit DVD-assembly (3.7 Gb), the universal CD-assembly (699 MB), minimalistic image for network installation (40 MB) and set LiveCD-and LiveDVD-assemblies at the GNOME and KDE with different sets of localization. Issue devoted to Eugene Dodonov, tragically killed in a traffic accident in July of last year.

Key enhancements:

– Delivery of the core Linux 3.8;

– The transition to the package manager RPM 4.11 (last release was used branch 4.9) and a new version of urpmi tool with support for delta-changes and options “- downgrade”. To compress the packages involved XZ format instead of LZMA;
Updating the system manager systemd to release 195. By default, use the built-in means of systemd system logs, as an option retained the ability to install rsyslog;

– Out of the Box is available for Linux-client digital game distribution service Steam;
Catalogs / lib * and / * bin Root moved to / usr, which simplifies mounting in read-only mode all the files already installed OS, and mount snapshot of the organization and dissemination of uniform base units deploy multiple computers on the network;

– In the default boot loader is involved classic GRUB. To test the possibility of using available GRUB2;

– In Harddrake implemented automatic driver installation when it detects the connection of new wired and wireless network adapters;

– In Live-enabled file system images OverlayFS.

Mandriva Linux: Mageia 3

Improvement in the installation system:

– Reorganized packages to partition group in the installer and installer packages RPMdrake;

– In the installer adds support for Btrfs-control partitions and install partitions with a file system Btrfs;

– The installation process adds the ability to connect and nonfree repositories tainted, which are placed with non-free or overlapping patent applications.

– Improved support for the installation of the system in virtualized environments;
Updated versions of applications (only available in the distribution 10,500 source packages)

– Supply of new versions of desktop environments: KDE 4.10.2, GNOME 3.6, Xfce 4.10, LXDE 0.5.5, Enlightenment E17, Razor-qt 0.5.2. In the repositories are also available to install window managers dwm, scrotwm, i3, pekwm, icewm, awesome, openbox, fvwm2 and Window Maker;

– Media Players: VLC 2.0.6, xine 1.1.21 (+ GUI kaffeine and xine-ui), XBMC 12.1, MythTV 0.26, Miro 5.0.4;

– Browsers: Firefox ESR 17.0.6, Chromium 26;

– Office Suites: LibreOffice 4.0.3, Calligra 2.6.2;

– Proprietary applications: Skype, the drivers for video cards and NVIDIA 295.17 fglrx 12.104 (AMD Catalyst 13.4);

– Raster graphics editor GIMP 2.8.2;

– Music players: Amarok 2.7, Cantata music player 0.9.2, mplayer (+ GUI gnome-mplayer, kmplayer, mplayer-gui, smplayer);

– DBMS MariaDB 5.5.28 and PostgreSQL 9.2;

– Server software: apache 2.4.4, nginx 1.2.9, postfix 2.9.6, Cyrus-imapd 2.4.17, Dovecot 2.1.15, puppet 2.7.21, Samba 3.6.15;

– Virtualization: VirtualBox 4.2.12, QEMU 1.2.0, virt-manager 0.9.5, Xen 4.2.1;

– System components and development tools: glibc 2.17, gcc 4.7.2, python 3.3, perl 5.16.3, ruby ​​1.9.3.p392, rails 3.2.13, php 5.4.13.