NetBSDAfter seven months of development, announced the release of the operating system NetBSD 6.1, which implemented a new portion of the new features.

At the same time correcting release 6.0.2 is available that contains only bug fixes. To download the installation images are prepared, the size of 330 MB.

NetBSD is a record for the number of supported hardware platforms. NetBSD 6.1 release is officially available in assemblies for the 57 system architectures and 16 different families of CPU. Separately identified 8 primary maintainers, forming the core of the development strategy NetBSD: amd64, evbarm, evbmips, evbppc, hpcarm, i386, sparc64 and xen. The remaining 49 ports associated with such CPU, just alpha, hppa, m68010, m68k, sh3, sparc and vax, classified in the second category, ie still supported, but has lost relevance or do not have a sufficient number of interested developers in their development.

Key improvements NetBSD 6.1:

– Optimization of the logging subsystem meta-data (WAPBL), which allowed a 3-4 fold increase in the rate of discharge of buffers (wapbl_flush) on arrays RAID5;
-In the new packet filter NPF, which incorporates the best features of the PF and the IP Filter, slightly changed the syntax of configuration files, and adds support for the deferred sums are computed;
– In the port of architecture amd64 added support for dynamic tracing system DTrace;
– The opportunity of the smbfs file system on systems big-endian;
– Added support for the mount ext2fs and msdosfs it compatible with 32-bit systems (32-bit compat);
– In the driver adds support for mfi controllers LSI Thunderbolt (SAS2208). – To control the controllers, LSI will secure the ability to run Linux-utility MegaCLI;
– In the bge driver adds support for Thunderbolt Gigabit Ethernet, used on computers Apple;
– Improved platform support ARM, we see that progress in the work on NetBSD Raspberry Pi (for example, now operating to USB and built-in Ethernet);
– Reworked the method of generation of entropy in the random number generator. Previously corrected in NetBSD kernel error led to the creation of a potentially predictable encryption keys;
– Updated version of the library libpthread, which includes support functions pthread_cond_setclock (). Collected for NetBSD 6.0 multithreaded programs require rebuilding;
– The base system includes a tool flock;
Supplied in the base system Postfix mail server is updated to version 2.8.13;
– In wsconsctl utility adds support for touch-screen calibration.