Google I/OOn Wednesday May 15, 2013 Google already for the sixth time opened the Google I/O corporate conference for the developers.

This time, take part in the three-day event brought together more than 6,000 third-party developers, as well as nearly 1,000 journalists from around the world. Investors also expect a lot from us. On this day, at the opening of trading in U.S. securities Google for the first time in history have overcome the barrier of $ 900 per share.

Google capitalization now exceeds $ 300 billion, down $ 400 billion from Apple, but the two companies are now moving in opposite directions.

Launched at the conference Google I / O Internet giant presents new opportunities for online games, maps and search, as well as a new music service broadcasting and the expansion of the social network Google Plus, including new tools for sharing and cataloging photographs.

The company said that in one way or another, but much of it novovedeny will be associated with the mobile operating system Android. At the opening of the Google I / O on Wednesday, it was stated that the total number of Android-powered devices at the moment around the world, more than 900 million units. The largest number of activations of Android devices made by buyers Samsung Electronics, HTC and LG Electronics.

Perhaps the main announcement, the company was expected music service called All Access which for $ 10 per month offers unlimited access to the listening mode to the library of several million audio tracks that have been licensed for Google from the world’s major record labels. While the service only works in the U.S., where it competes with Spotify and Rhapsody.

As described in the online company that tracks can be filtered by various parameters, including the genres and recommendations from curators from Google. The user can select the tracks to listen to or work with the service in radio mode when the system itself transmits the recorded music without advertising.

Google announced the introduction of new functionality into the social network Google Plus, which increasingly competes with Facebook. The company said that new software solutions on Google Plus allow you to place a large collection of photos on a remote server and flexibly to filter them. In fact, now Google Plus has been implemented functionality that was previously available within the service Picasa.

Another new service was easy download the photos from mobile devices, including internet points with Google Glass. It also created opportunities unloading serial image to the user then has the opportunity to select the best shot. There are now at Google Plus and the ability to transfer photos to the service of Adobe Photoshop, the user can edit the materials and send them to the printer. Only for full-size photo company offered to users on Google Plus 15GB.

Another new feature in Google Plus is a further development of the tool Hangouts, implemented in the network. There appeared tool Babel, which is a kind of bonding bridge for chat and communication sessions between different applications and services of Google. The company said that with Babel eventually become a single communication tool, which will replace the chat in Google Plus, Gmail, or a system of Google Talk.

The company has not said whether Babel opened from an architectural point of view and whether it will connect to third-party platforms, such as Facebook or the same mobile messaging services such as WhatsApp. However, Google claims that the interfaces Babel will be available under iOS, Android and web browsers.

For Android developers presented a unified development environment Android Studio, where they can prepare new versions of their software for tablets or smartphones. On the new Android 4.3 is not a word was said.

In Google said that Android Studio has all the tools necessary to build Android-programs, and (if desired) uvyzyvaniya them with other services of Google.

The company introduced a new version of the preliminary mapping system Google Maps, which was first integrated with social and advisory products company Zagat (it has already been bought by Google). It is expected that a release of new version of Google Maps will appear this summer. At the same time, it will appear on the on-board computers, cars Mercedes-Benz SL in the automotive applications Drive Style. Here, users can search for the nearest public facilities for them to receive traffic information (not in all countries), as well as use the new Radar View, which itself can search for the nearest bars, restaurants, gas stations, prompting the driver to get lost in an unfamiliar city.

Mobile version of Google Maps for Android and iOS will also receive enhanced mode 3D-view with the ability to view annotations made by other users. A kind of social raid on this service should improve usability Google Maps, convinced Internet company.

At the same time showing the preview version, the company has also shown and updated set of API to work with the cards. The new version of the API allows the program itself to determine whether the user is walking, riding a bike or by car.