Google GlassOfficials sent a letter to developers with questions about protecting people and their confidential information.

Confidentiality Commission in the U.S. Senate after the analysis of the “smart glasses” from Google sent a letter to the manufacturer with questions about the security and privacy of confidential information of users of the new device, given the fact that the glasses have the opportunity to direct the camera is turned, even in places which should not be removed, as well as advanced technology for face recognition and the possibility of direct communication with the array of information available for Google.

In addition, officials are concerned that the situation with the possibility of consolidation, the owner of Google Glass will be able to learn about any head-man a lot of sensitive data.

“We have to some extent are not sure about Google’s plans for the protection of information and private data”, – stated in a letter to Congress.

Answer the questions in the letter about what measures the company intends to provide to protect ordinary people from the all-seeing eye Google Glass, the creators of “smart” glasses have until June 14 of this year.

Recall that the commercial version of the Google Glass should appear a little less than a year. The head of Google, Eric Schmidt, in an interview with BBC admitted that working with Google Glass opens new possibilities for users, but at the same time, it also creates new challenges and completely changes the rules of netiquette.

I used Google Glass

“It’s not just wearing glasses, a range of portable devices creates many issues related to security and privacy issues. We are talking about the need to create a new network and social etiquette that will meet the needs of modern society. It is clear that the use of Google Glass in places where you can not shoot – this is unacceptable. It’s like a cell phone, there are places where they use indecent “, – the head of Google.