Google GlassGoogle Inc. has announced the release of “wearable computer” Google Glass seven programs, including social applications CNN, Twitter, Facebook and Evernote.

The company has made a statement on May 16 at the conference Google I / O, reports TechCrunch.

With the Twitter app, users can browse the latest tweets and personal messages in a single tape. It will be possible to leave the tweets from select users to pop-up messages are not distracted by owner points. The program also allows to take pictures with the camera points and immediately post them to Twitter. The same function is declared in the application Facebook, but about the rest of its features are not reported.

The biggest functionality has been declared in the application blog hosting Tumblr. It will display the entire band member, which may include text, images and video. The frequency of messages from Tumblr will be set at its discretion.

In addition to social applications, Google introduced a client for the service notes Evernote. The service supports notes with different markings, so points for the screen they will be converted to plain text. Google also announced the CNN news application and the magazine Elle. In the second case, you can mark a news item or article, then to read it from another device.

The first third-party application for the Google Glass came out in April. They became their own application newspaper The New York Times. In addition, other programs have been announced: the client mobile social network Path, service for sharing pictures and Sketch-mail client for Gmail. They are engaged in the development of the company Google.

Augmented reality glasses Google Glass were presented in 2012, and the market they are going to release in 2014. In April the company sold about a thousand copies points to developers and journalists. The agreement on their use had been prescribed a ban on their resale. In case of violation of the ban corporation can remotely disable points.

At points Google Glass no glass, but instead they have a transparent screen, which displays information. Since the screen is very close to the eye, the user perceives it as a 25-inch screen from a distance of 2.4 meters. Points controlled by either voice or touch the sensor on the bow points.

According to the published specifications of one of the models of glasses, they have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (for interaction with the smartphone user) and a camera with a resolution of 720p. Points also will be equipped with audiogarnituroy that transmits sound through the skull.

Looking through Google Glass: Real Life Example

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