Linux-Mint-15Developers of the popular Linux Mint distribution May 16, 2013 introduced version 15 of its desktop product.

According to them, in Linux Min 15 have been completely updated desktop environment MATE and Cinnamon, and also added new applications to manage application software and new drivers.

Olivia Linux Mint 15 is based on the latest version of the Ubuntu operating system, and the developers plan to supported until January 2014. There are also version of Linux Mint 15, based on Debian can be switched by software on the Ubuntu repositories, and a six-month cycle support.

In the announcement Mint Project says that the fifteenth version of the OS – it is “the most ambitious version of” since the start of the project. According to the developers, MATE 1.6 and Cinnamon 1.8 support “tons of new features,” including an updated interface, new screen savers, unified control center, as well as the ability to create user interface elements on HTML5. It also has two new management tool software: Software Sources and Driver Manager. Both products are needed for system control and using a simple graphical interface, they allow you to manage hard drive and a set of installed programs.

The developers say that the use of Driver Manager is particularly effective and convenient when working on the system for more than two hard drives, each of which has an ornate system of the logical partition.

Also in the new version of the OS has been support for the latest drivers for gadgets Nvidia, ATI, Broadcom, Samsung and others. On top of this, the authors of the project say that the new version of the OS can now work with HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript, and WebGL at almost any level. Even the Login-screen can be implemented on most HTML 5.

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