Windows BlueThe main OS update will be support for devices with 7-inch screens.

Marketing Director and Chief Financial Microsoft Tami Reller has officially confirmed the release of the next operating system called Windows Blue this year.

According to the representative of the corporation, a major update Windows line will support new form factors, in particular, small 7-8-inch screens. In addition to devices with small screens, Windows Blue will support the new Intel Core processors on the architecture Haswell and Intel Atom Bay Trail, and new ARM-chips from Qualcomm (Snapdragon 800) and Nvidia (Tegra 4).

Earlier, analysts expected a return to the standard Windows Blue button “Start”, which is not in the “Eight”, and the traditional desktop, which can be used as the start screen.

Reller refused to comment on this information in any way, saying only that the product will focus on adapting the user to the new intrerfeysu.

According to the company, more about the Windows Blue Microsoft speak at a conference for developers BUILD.

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