EFF ReportIn its report, the U.S. group for the protection of civil liberties, EFF warns that some companies can not be trusted personal information.

Of the 18 technology companies caught in the list, only six firms were rated 5 stars out of 6.

This report is published by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), which assigns ratings to selected companies, based as they relate to user data and how they follow the laws protecting personal information.

Sonic.net and Twitter were the only companies that have received the highest rating. Verizon and MySpace are not worthy of even one star. Not too far gone AT & T, Apple, Yahoo, who were given only one star. Experts point out that Apple and AT & T are members of the Coalition Digital Due Process, which attempts to clarify the network laws governing the surveillance of users (in particular the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA)). However, these companies have not been seen in any other activity that defends the interests of users.

Despite the hacked in 2011, Dropbox was one of the most reliable companies, according to the EFF. LinkedIn also rated very high, although in 2012 the network has also suffered from a terrible break-in. Microsoft has also received very good results, as it has recently released the first report on the “transparency” of the user data.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Report 2013 Results

Professionals most care results AT & T and Verizon. In total, this company has about 220 million users. It is almost two-thirds of the total U.S. population. So their policies largely determines the security of the data of the whole country. Recall that recently AT & T became the center of the scandal that the company cooperated with U.S. law enforcement agencies, helping to carry out listening to other people’s conversations.

In general, the EFF says that many companies have improved the attitude of the user’s data, which suggests that the issue was more interested in the general public.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Third Annual Report can be found here