Nintendo Wii UNintendo says it is “aware” of hacking claims, but has “no reports” of Wii U games being played from USB media.

The hacker group Wiikey, which created one of the first mod of chips for the first console Nintendo Wii, reported about the reverse-engineering of software Nintendo and created solutions to run the games Nintendo Wii U with external media, such as USB-drives. “Yes, it is absolutely real. We were able to completely bypass the authentication system Wii U Drive, encryption system, file system,” said a statement on the website Wiikey.

The band also introduced software and hardware Wiike U, which according to developers is the “first and only optical disc drive emulator” for the system under the control of “a powerful embedded Linux-based environment.” In Wiikey say that their development is compatible with all models of Nintendo Wii U, sold in all regions. At the same time, the group reports that Wiike device works only with official copies of games published under the Wii U and the Wii, but not with pirated copies.

At present, the developers’ site is not presented to exploit the reverse-engineering of Wii U, and the device is not yet present on the market.

In the company Nintendo said that they know about the activities of Wiikey, but have not yet received the actual of confirmed about compromising system of security Nintendo. “Nintendo aware of the allegations of hacking, but so far we do not have data on the possibility of launching an illegal and unsigned applications on Wii U. We continue to monitor the situation and keep track of all threats related to food safety and to take action to prevent the occurrence of piracy “- said the Nintendo.