TPLinkHackers from Hak5 group in far 2008 developed a “espionage” Access Point which was intercepted on itself all WiFi-connections around.

Technically, this is was accomplished by a positive answer to absolutely everything identification requests WiFi Beacon Frames. If the laptop was looking for an SSID of Starbucks, spyware AP says, “Thats Me!” if he is looking for the ID of any other public hotspot – spy device again responds, “Thats Me!”.  Whatever the access point is not looking around user devices – hotspot allows them to connect to itself.

This is a classic scenario MiTM-attack. Initially hackers used Hak5 AP Fon / Fonera AccessPoint with Karma patches. In these times very exotic – not in every country even get one device Fon / Fonera. The time has come to make the simple and reliable solution on popular “hardware” and open source software.

Information security professionals from companies Pentura Labs offer such an option:

– The router TP-Link WR703N (cost $ 20);
– USB Flash Drive 4GB San Cruiser FIT ($ 8).

On the router set the standard firmware OpenWRT, which then changed to a special version with support for flash drives with root access.

Hak5 – WiFi Pineapple Mark II

The settings on the router’s configuration and installation of software on the flash drive, see the blog author –