Firefox LogoThe company, which has managed to create one of the most popular browsers available on the market, came to grips with the software provider of the UK.

The Mozilla Foundation (authors Firefox) accuses the British company Gamma International that they illegally used the brand of Firefox, to camouflage electronic spyware.

Researchers have found several examples of programs FinFisher, which have been specially disguised as files Firefox. Probably, Gamma has gone to such a move in order to make users believe that their application is absolutely harmless, and will not be used against them.

Representatives Mozilla claim that they have officially turned to Gamma asking to stop the use of this method, which causes obvious damage to the brand.

The Gamma company, located in the English city of Andover, has recently attracted the attention of journalists because of the software which it sells to police officers and to the government of some countries. These programs are used to spy on citizens without their knowledge. Although this practice and is at odds with the modern concepts of protection of personal data, it is used for the investigation of criminal cases or for surveillance of potentially dangerous people.

Mozilla has called on a commercial spyware company to stop masquerading as its Firefox browser to avoid detection on people’s computers.

“Not only are these activities illegal, but we take them seriously because they are deceptive, harm users, cause consumer confusion, and jeopardise Mozilla’s reputation” – Mozilla said.

Mozilla stressed that the two software packages remained separate and that FinSpy did not affect Firefox itself or the way the browser operated.


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