Lightworks for LinuxStarts public beta testing Linux-version of the video editor Lightworks. Lightworks Linux Public Beta Is Now Available To Download

After three years of promises and postponements EditShare company released the first publicly-available beta version of the video editor Lightworks 11 for Linux. According to company EditShare, according to his ability Lightworks Professional Edition for Linux is not inferior to version of the editor for Windows.

Lightworks belongs to the category of professional tools and widely used in the industry, competing with products such as Apple FinalCut, Ulead MediaStudio and Pinnacle Studio. Using Lightworks editors have repeatedly won awards in the technical Oscars and Emmys. The editor has a convenient interface and unmatched set of supported features, including a large set of tools for synchronizing video and audio, the ability to impose a variety of video effects in real time, “native” support video resolutions SD, HD and 2K formats DPX and RED, means for simultaneous editing of the data taken with several cameras, involvement of the GPU to accelerate computing tasks.

Install the Linux-version of Lightworks now can be anyone, but are required to register for download on the project website and generate a license key that allows you to test the Pro-fully-functional version of the product within 7 days. After the expiration of the license officially allowed the generation of a new key for the next 7 days.

Cost commercial pro-version will be $ 60 a year (and additionally offers a stripped-down free version). Beta-version are available only for 64-bit systems, and require considerable proprietary drivers AMD or NVIDIA. Officially supported only distro Ubuntu, but does not prohibit the installation of the program on other distributions. Of the time constraints of the beta release, there is no support for exporting to H.264 MOV, Quicktime/MPEG4 and AVI, WMV lack of supports and difficulties with playing some AVI-files.

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