Open SourceThe administration of Extremadura, an autonomous region of Spain, starts the process of transfer to the Linux and free software jobs in government, which is currently used Windows.

It is planned to move to Linux about 40,000 computers, and for most of the systems migration plan to complete before the end of the year. According to the administration of Extremadura, the transition to Linux will save 30 million euros per year.

Last year was a complete inventory of all software used on workstations state institutions, and developed a detailed plan for migration. To implement the project prepared by the distribution Sysgobex, based on packet-based Debian GNU / Linux and adapted for use in state institutions.

Prior to the beginning of mass migration, and the distribution is a set of software to replace old systems were piloting of 150 computers in different ministries and departments. The new software environment is built on a combination of public engagement office suite LibreOffice, a set of applications to work together and reading e-mail, and browser Firefox. All special software is implemented as available through web-browser applications.

In addition to budget savings switching to Linux will also ensure harmonization of working environments for people in all state structures of Extremadura. Among the objectives of migration and ensure a high level of security that will be increased to meet the requirements of IEC 27001 IT. According to the initiators of the project is to be desktop reliable, easy to use, simple to manage, maintain, remote administration tools, and be deprived of the security problems and computer viruses.

Migrating to Linux for Extremadura consolidate its position as one of the leaders in scope implementation of open technologies in government agencies European Union. Over the past 10 years in the autonomous region on Linux and open source software has been translated about 70,000 jobs in the education sector and 15,000 in health care facilities. Other major projects on the introduction of the free software translation can be noted on Linux about 90,000 jobs in the French Gendarmerie and the migration to Linux 13,000 computers in government of the city Munich.

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