ContextinatorUsers of the browser Chrome, which by occupation has to deal with dozens or even hundreds of open tabs, should pay attention to the useful extension Contextinator.

This free tool will enable the effective management of the tabs help you quickly find interesting material and will not allow “drown” in the flow of information.

The application boasts exceptional ease of use and allows you to save all the tabs opened in the current session in a separate “project”. You can also use a variety of additional tools, for example, to conduct a neat list of tasks and manage contacts. Contextinator also provides for notifying the user of new messages received at the specified email address. All the data is relevant to the current project will be displayed on the main page.

Contextinator Overview

Users can quickly and effortlessly create multiple projects (each of them must have a unique name) and switch between them in the process. When you load a specific project expansion Contextinator automatically restores all related tabs, and other information. Special mention deserves the opportunity to save a few snapshots of the browser in a single project. The list of unique features Contextinator also includes tight integration with popular applications online services, such as Gmail, Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive and Trello.

Developers are confident that the proposed tool will appeal to a wide audience, from scholars engaged in serious research, to ordinary people who are planning their summer holidays and are looking to network a variety of information about future trip.

To learn more about how to use Contextinator, please visit:

The application is available for download from the online store:  Chrome Web Store.