LG curved OLED-TVKorean press service of LG Electronics today announced that the company first announced OLED-TV LG 55EA9800 now began to be delivered to the commercial market.

According to the company, the next month it will be sold on the international market.

The highlight of this model is that it represents the world’s first OLED-concave inside the TV. In addition, this model has a full screen size (with bending) of 55 inches, but the TV’s weight is only 17 kg, which is unusually low for a TV diagonal.

The statement said the company, in the manufacture of a basis for the TV LG used a special curved shape of carbon fiber, which has a very low weight. The company said that the TVs have super high picture quality, but also one can build huge IMAX-like television to display video wall in front of a vast audience.

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The cost of one TV is about 13,500 dollars.