Ubuntu 13.04A new version of one of the most popular distributions of Linux today released. A few hours ago the images of Ubuntu 13.04 32/64-bit for desktops and servers, as well as for servers ARM / OMAP posted on the official FTP.

It should be noted that Ubuntu 13.04 is not a long-term release, his life support only up to January 2014, while the previous version of Ubuntu 12.10 – this is a long-term release (LTS), which will be supported until April 2014. So that business users are unlikely to be recommended to do an upgrade from 12.10 to 13.04.

List of new features in Ubuntu 13.04 is quite extensive. Of the most important in the client version can be identified:

– Jump to the kernel 3.8.8 (list of new features in the core of 3.8 cm apart);
– Unity 7 with improved performance, reduced memory consumption and a large number of small improvements in the UI;
– Upstart 1.8 with tasks that start with changes in the file system, for example, when a file or delete a file;
– LibreOffice 4.0 with a lot of innovations;
– CUPS 1.6.2 and cups-filters 1.0.34;
– Python 3.3.

You can upgrade to 13.04 with a simple command: sudo do-release-upgrade-d.

Ubuntu Raring (13.04): Blueprints

Official FTP: ftp://releases.ubuntu.com/releases/13.04/