Windows BlueIn Windows 8.1 – the upcoming update to Windows 8 – may be a new mode of loading, writes a blog WinBeta, referring to the Russian-language resource Microsoft Portal.

In this mode, immediately after logging in will open the desktop, as it was in previous versions of the OS. Now Windows 8 is first opened the screen “Start” with “live tiles” (aka – the mode or the new Metro interface of Windows), and from there the user by clicking the appropriate “tile” can go to the desktop. The boot order can be uncomfortable for those who do not use applications Metro.

On the possibility of “crossing” screen “Start” Microsoft Portal authors learned by studying the contents of the file in the pre-assembly twinui.dll Windows 8.1. It is “leaked” to the network at the end of March. “The file has been seen twinui.dll line of code that is responsible for disabling the Startup screen – the site says. – This will immediately after the system go to the desktop automatically. ”

Now a note on Microsoft Portal is not available, but it remains in the caches of search engines.

The fact that Microsoft is indeed planning to allow users to skip the screen “Start” when booting, informed, and other resources – in particular, The Verge and ZDNet. The latter, referring to familiar with Microsoft’s plans sources indicated that the company can return to Windows 8 and the “Start” button. The user himself can supposedly choose to include the button or not.

Windows 8.1 is also known under the code name Blue. This is a major upgrade to Windows 8, which is expected to be released before the end of 2013 (according to some sources – in August). Elaborate on the Blue, Microsoft promises a conference BUILD, which will be held from June 26 to 28 in San Francisco.

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