Lightroom 5 BetaLightroom 5 Beta Now Available! Adobe Systems today announced a new version of Lightroom, designed for professional photographers and you can edit the captured digital content while managing archives of digital photos.

The new version lightroom adds some of the new functions Photoshop CS6, released earlier this year.

Now Photoshop Lightroom product 5 is available as a free beta. According to Adobe, the company has developed in its new features, such as Smart Preview and Advanced Healing Brush, which complement those of the full version of Photoshop to edit part of the small images.

Decision Advanced Healing Brush allows you to literally hands adjust any part of the photo, rather than impose any filters to the entire image. Smart Preview allows you to edit images in even the currently available core archive RAW. With the availability of the archive, the program itself will throw all the changes.

Also new Lightroom got some cool features that enable faster and easier to create online albums photographs, create templates albums and perform other manipulations.

Another interesting feature, which is useful to stop the function is Radial Filter, which levels and levels of exposure to too much light or dark parts of pictures, adding more visual snapshot naturalness. Reactors, which often work with scanned photos or negatives may find useful feature Visualize Spots, which finds and removes dust particles in the photo and delete them, painting the colors of the neighboring regions.

At the moment Lightroom 5 beta 1 is available for Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8 and Mac os x 10.7 and 10.8. Expires possibility of beta on June 30.

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