Mozilla TowTruckMozilla TowTruck project integrates collaboration tools for any website. This works regardless of physical location, network or provider used.

The developers of the Mozilla Labs began testing a new service that allows easy integration to any website tools for collaboration and interaction between users in real-time. Connecting only one JavaScript-module any site can be turned into a full-fledged platform for collaboration and communication. TowTruck code is licensed under the Mozilla Public License 2.0.

To install TowTruck site, connect script “” and add to any place on the site button, when pressed, any visitor can create a link to send invitations to other people for entering the joint access. If you click on this link, the creator links to confirm the connection of a new user, then connect to the same session, users can directly chat with each other, together simultaneously edit the text in the forms together to view the content, noting the interesting position visible to other participants in the session label and supplying their comments.

For each user, your cursor is displayed and visible cursors other participants that are specifically labeled for clarity. Each user has full control on the open page in their browser, such as scrolling in its window is not reflected in the windows of the other associated with the user’s session. But all of the editing and markup text are immediately visible to all participants. When passing a link to another party issued a notice to the proposal as the link. At any time, users can exchange messages. Currently only supported text chat, but in the near future promise to add support for video chat and voice chat.

Interaction with customers is WebRTC and WebSocket. WebRTC can arrange a direct connection to the client browser in P2P mode without external servers and plug-ins. Yet support for the need for such compounds RTCPeerConnection object is not implemented everywhere, so for a small server TowTruck involved, who coordinates the interaction of customers. This server component can be run on the server as a site owner, so can be used and publicly available services Mozilla (

Try the system in action can be on specially prepared for the demonstration page. Separately developed a special addition to Firefox, allowing use TowTruck for all sites, not just those that have established a special JavaScript-code.


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