LenovoEMCLenovoEMC announced next generation LenovoEMC LifeLine operating system for their network storage solutions Iomega.

Starting next week, LifeLine 4.0 OS will be free to download owners StorCenter network storage series ix and px. This operating system includes new and enhanced enterprise-scale computing and security for easy and efficient data storage, sharing and security in organizations and work groups of any size.

Home delivery network storage systems under the brand name LenovoEMC running LifeLine 4.0 is expected in May.

New features and improvements include LenovoEMC LifeLine 4.0:

– Snapshot data;
– Backup volumes;
– Snapshot Data (Snapshot) can be done in the process of writing to the device;
– Return the volume to its original state;
– Provider Volume Shadow Copy (VSS).
– Caching on SSD (Cache Pools);
– Poole SSDs designed to automatically increase – read and write speeds;
– Automatically caches frequently read and write files on a high speed drive array SSD;
– For pool SSD data protection by using RAID;
– Built-in virtualization technology IVX (Integrated Virtualization Technology);
– Running multiple virtual machines (VMs) on storage arrays Iomega px12-400r and px12-450r Rack;
– VM with Linux or Windows run on its own virtualized hardware, including network cards, disk drives and graphics cards;
– Enhanced security and control in networks;
– Unified Authentication Windows Single Sign On for the storage resources;
– Hybrid authentication in AD (Active Directory Hybrid Authentication);
– Local authentication mode, if unavailable, the remote domain controller (DC);
– Robust AD (Active Directory High Availability);
– Connecting to multiple domain controllers (Domain Controller, DC), access to a secondary DC, if the primary is not active.

EMC LifeLine is the management software that powers all Iomega® StorCenter™ Network Storage devices

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