BitcoinVirtual currency Bitcoin shows the auction surprising volatility, undermining the credibility of potential major investors who are interested in her last weeks.

Today in the world’s largest exchange Bitcoin-platform virtual currency exchange rate against the dollar fell by 46% – from 230 to 123.40 dollars for 1 bitcoin.

Recall that in the last couple of weeks, the virtual currency exchange rate rose by almost 500%. Early in the year for 1 bitcoin gave about $ 15, while the end of February rate rose to 30 dollars in the last couple of days, he has soared to more than $ 200 for one virtual currency.

Against the background of 46% fall cost of Internet money, the world’s largest bitcoin-Mt.Gox broker was forced to block the bid on and off site. The message broker was told that this is necessary to stabilize the exchange rate against the panic of investors, as well as the fact that the area faced a sharply increased traffic flows, which threatened the stability of the exchange area in general. “People began to panic, bitcoin started selling in large quantities, causing the so-called panic sell-off, it has led to an overload of the platform and forced the operator to temporarily freeze the stock engine” – says the data Mt. Gox.

It is expected that trading will be resumed in a few hours.

At this point other Bitcoin-traders such as Tradehill, open and process the application. In Tradehill reported that while their platform is stable, but did not say whether they capture increased traffic. The company said that the increase in traffic they see in the last few days and now he holds the “consistently high” marks.