Open SourceCompany RunRev, fulfilled its promise and released the first of the Community-version IDE LiveCode, available as source code is licensed under the GPLv3.

Code libraries used as a basis created in LiveCode application is also available under a license GPLv3, which requires developers to distribute applications created in LiveCode is licensed under the GPLv3. For users who do not want to disclose the code of their applications, and also for those who intend to place their products in the catalog Apple AppStore (this directory is not compatible with applications licensed under the GPL), extends the commercial version of IDE, which differs only licensed weakening and the functionality is completely analogous to the open Community version.

LiveCode development environment provides tools for fast simulation of multi-platform applications, the logic of which is formed by the layout ready controls and bind to them code in a simple scripting language that resembles a natural description of the action (for example instead of JavaScript-code ‘theText.substring (0, “Hello”. lenght). match (“Hello”)! = null ‘in LiveCode can write’ put theText begins with “Hello” ‘). By its very concept LiveCode continues development of uses Apple HyperCard development system and language HyperTalk, allows you to write programs using the phrase in natural English. Created in LiveCode programs can be assembled without changing platforms, Linux, Mac OS, BSD, Windows, iOS and Android. Supports the development of a graphical user programs and server systems and web-applications.

LiveCode development

Scheduled to be released in the autumn a new branch LiveCode, differing translation from monolithic to modular basis and is easily extensible architecture, and recycled frontend layer and new multimedia software interface created automatically adapt applications to different screen resolutions.