Redhat LogoRed Hat introduced an updated version of JBoss Data Grid

Red Hat introduced an updated version of the software JBoss Data Grid, which now has the ability to replicate data between data centers how to create a fault-tolerant information systems. In addition, the product has several other features that should reduce downtime in the IT infrastructure. In Red Hat said that the new JBoss Data Grid – this is another step towards a distributed in-memory-storage media.

“Businesses today are increasingly looking to create stores that are in real time will provide data from the archives of all sizes to manage large volumes of transactions and meet high availability requirements,” – says Christina Wong, product manager for Red Hat JBoss Data Grid.

Red Hat is positioning itself JBoss Data Grid as a distributed data management system class in-memory, ability to distribute information across multiple servers, increasing the availability of information. Due to the fact that the software places a significant amount of data in memory, servers can analyze gigabytes of data in very short periods of time, and due to the fact that the solution can analyze requests from dozens of servers simultaneously, the access speed is increased even more.

The company said that the new version of JBoss Data Grid allows in many cases, eliminate the use of expensive enterprise database and replace them with more value products, while maintaining speed and availability of the data warehouse.

According to Wong, the new version of the product model is applied ORM (object-relational mapping) for a simplified model of data storage and a relational schema for rapidly analyzing various information.

Solution Red Hat JBoss Data Grid 6.1 – this is the first update of the product Red Hat JBoss Data Grid 6.0, released in June 2012. In version 6.1 the opportunity to replicate data between data centers, the use of NBST (non-blocking state transfer), you can add or remove servers in a cluster with minimal delay, and features improved support Map / Reduce to a variety of analytical applications.

Product is based on engine open computing platform Infinispan.