Microsoft AccountYour Microsoft account will soon be much more secure. Microsoft to be readying two-factor authentication for access to its accounts system.

Microsoft realizes additional security measures in the authentication system Microsoft Accounts, used to manage user authentication for Hotmail,, Windows Store and other online developments. In the company say that taking into account a wave of the last incidents concerning a data leakage, only one passwords can’t be considered any more as a reliable means and it is necessary to pass to system of two-step authorization.

The company says that their system is a two-step authentication will use a mobile application, which is still only available for Windows Phone. By itself, high security authentication is not enabled, but it will be activated soon. It will generate a random one-time code, which will be tied to the password and will serve to confirm the identity of the user for private data. Code every time a user enters will be given a unique, thus intercepting the password by hackers will not give control over data.

Microsoft account authentication

For those users who are constantly working with services, such as e-mail clients, using a two-step authentication is not always appropriate and users can turn it off. For all other points in the work with the service system will generate passwords.

Earlier, the company Google, Facebook and Apple also introduced a similar system authentication for their services. The payment system PayPal is working with authorization by an additional key for several years.

Using 2-step verification

Does two-factor authentication protect me from hackers?