Windows XPUp to the end of support popular operating system Windows XP SP3 left exactly one year, or 365 days.

April 8, 2014, Microsoft will stop issuing security updates and other updates to the old operating system. In general, the event must have happened in April 2010, but then Microsoft has extended support for another four years, listening to the numerous requests of the users.

The first release of Windows XP (RTM) on 24 August 2001, that is, almost 12 years ago. Despite his advanced age, the OS is still the second most popular operating system in the world, only slightly behind Windows 7.

Studies show that up to now many large corporations, banks, government organizations use Windows XP. This is due to the fact that in organizations with tens of thousands of employees each OS upgrade costs millions of dollars. Therefore, big companies do not update their software as often as standard users. But a year later everyone will have to make a choice: Windows XP will be officially buried, so that companies will need to upgrade or Windows 7 (if that option will still be available in a year), or Windows 8, or switch to Linux, or choose some other option.

Windows XP

The global market share of desktop operating systems, in March 2013, the statistics Netmarketshare

For corporate users, the problem may be not only an upgrade of the operating system, but also to upgrade office software. With the current version of Office 2003, they will have to migrate to Office 2010 (for Windows 7). Must be carefully moved to the new environment thousands of macros Excel, VisualBasic scripts and critical applications. This is a huge job that corporations will be gradually carried on throughout the year.

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