Open SourceAfter eight and a half years of development released a new version of the programming language R 3.0 and the associated with him of the software environment, based on the tasks of statistical processing, analysis and visualization.

For the solution of specific tasks more than 5000 packages expansions are prepared. The base implementation of R language developed within the GNU Project and is licensed under the GPL.

The reasons for release of a new branch of language R is said to be the emergence of any major changes or new features, and the gradual achievement of a new R language level of maturity. In the development of the 2.x language reached to provide support for 64-bit computing for all platforms, providing means of parallel processing, load-balancing capabilities compiled bytecode, integrate support for UTF-8, the formation of packets based on namespaces.

However, the R 3.0 has not been without significant innovations:

– Added support for 64-bit integers for all platforms and operations with long vectors containing more than 231-1 elements;

– Added new functions for parallel processing, including permitting binding handlers to the specified cores CPU;

– New features of the package for matrix computations, support for the use of a matrix indexing operations for the replacement and removal;

– For 64-bit assembly language process R can now request a maximum size of memory, limited only by the operating system limits (to limit the appetite R recommended ulimit).


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