Bitcoin ExchangeBreach in system of safety of service of electronic purses of Coinbase: Bitcoin opened data on the dealers who have created the button “buy now”, a key “donations of money” or the page extract of product.

Due to this error information in the section Company Profile, including email-address was publicly available to the public through search engines. The company assures that the data on transactions or customers were not obtained by hackers. Meanwhile, criminals have started to use the obtained addresses for phishing attacks.

Two consumers whose data were published online, have lost their money because of hackers, but the company was able to return their lost money. “It’s all our fault. We didn’t need to include e-mail addresses of dealers, without having warned our clients about it, “- says CEO of Coinbase Brian Armstrong in the official blog.

“We do not even have prevented these pages publicly indexed in search engines like Google. Because of this oversight, anyone could search Coinbase traders and collect email-addresses of merchants automated way “, – the expert adds.

The problem of data loss have successfully solved by removing the email-addresses of the pages extract product. Files were also updated robots.txt, so that search engines are not able to index the similar problems. Google also asked to remove all previously indexed pages service.

Meanwhile, consumers Coinbase advise to watch for phishing emails, senders will try all possible ways to extract from you the information they need. These letters at first glance may seem quite authentic, but such links they usually lead to all sorts of malicious gray sites.