G Data 2014 anti-virus solutionsThe company G Data Software at CeBIT 2013 has introduced a new generation of the G Data AntiVirus 2014, G Data InternetSecurity 2014 and G Data TotalProtection 2014 with fast and reliable protection, which uses an innovative anti-virus technology.

At the international exhibition of information and communication technology company G Data presented the latest anti-virus solutions. G Data generation in its products of  2014 uses a new standard of protection. G Data AntiVirus 2014, G Data InternetSecurity 2014 and G Data TotalProtection 2014 now come with an active hybrid technology – G Data CloseGap.

The new technology developed by German engineers, eliminates loopholes in computer security, and to preserve system resources. G Data CloseGap combines traditional methods of protection, signature-based and proactive technologies, thus creating the impenetrable wall of defense against malicious software.

Active hybrid security fixes security holes and making online banking, online shopping and surfing the web even safer.

For example, the built-in secure Internet banking BankGuard provides protection from dangerous trojans in real time, without relying on virus signatures. Module is effective even when confronting the newly created types of threats. Thanks to the new revised interface, the use of anti-virus components even easier.

System scan, backup, and configure applications startup – all this functionality is now available in one click. An additional feature in the line of new products G Data is the control device (Device Control), which provides protection for connection to external media, such as USB-flash drives or DVD-ROM drive. G Data AntiVirus 2014, G Data InternetSecurity 2014 and G Data TotalProtection 2014 will be available in April 2013.

G Data CloseGap – fast and efficient technology, which saves system resources

Minimum response time between the first appearance of the virus and preparing the appropriate signature is a critical parameter for effective protection against malicious software. Traditional antivirus solutions are often unable to support this option at an effective level.

G Data CloseGap is following a different path of development, combining a wide range of proactive mechanisms and traditional technologies using malware signatures. Together, these components create a highly active hybrid defense.

CloseGap receive additional benefits with each new update, ie technology adapts to the current level of network risk. Thanks to the user data receive maximum protection even against new unknown threats.

Updated user-friendly interface

The new intuitive user interface provides all the most important data in an easy informative video. All major components of the program are explanations, so you do not need to study guide to complete the work.

G Data Internet Security 2014 review

  • G Data Antivirus 2014 – provides immediate protection from online threats, using a combination of different technologies: maximum security with the latest developments of the company G Data CloseGap and regular hourly updates of virus signatures. G Data Antivirus 2014 includes an improved component of a secure Internet banking G Data BankGuard for maximum protection when conducting financial transactions online. Thanks to proactive protection in real time, users will be protected from the latest online threats.
  • G Data InternetSecurity 2014 – also includes an innovative technology CloseGap for the most effective protection against viruses, hacking, spam and other online threats. Active Hybrid technology allows to cope with the traditional types of malware detected by using signatures. Antivirus includes a firewall that works in the background and uses minimal system resources. Built-in parental controls also protect children and adolescents from unwanted web resources.
  • G Data TotalProtection 2014 – is a new comprehensive anti-virus solution for maximum all-round protection. Built-in G Data CloseGap offers effective protection against malware and online threats. Tools to back up and secure storage prevent loss or theft of sensitive data. Active Hybrid technology defense copes with a wide range of threats, and to preserve the system of computer resources.

G Data 2014 Home products New features:

– Integration of innovative G Data CloseGap for more effective counter-malware;

– New startup manager, which drastically accelerator loading the OS;

– Completely revised user-friendly design of the user interface;

– Improved security component of Internet banking BankGuard;

– Improved the behavior analysis to better protect against the latest threats;

– Reduced consumption of system resources with the optimum balance of security technologies;

– G Data TotalProtection 2014 includes a monitoring of portable data storage devices for protection against viruses on USB and DVD.

Free updating for all users G Data

Users of G Data, with a valid license can free upgrade to the new version of antivirus G Data.

Users of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers based on the Android operating system have the ability to protect their gadgets with G Data AntiVirus Free for Android.

G Data 2014 System Requirements

A computer with Windows 8/7/Vista (32/64 bit) 1 GB RAM or higher, Windows XP (SP2 or higher, 32 bit), 512 MB RAM or more; drive CD / DVD-ROM.