DarktableDarktable 1.2 – new version of software for professional photo editing.

A new considerable release of the program for editing photos Darktable 1.2, which acts as a free alternative to such purged as Adobe Lightroom and Apple Aperture.

Darktable supports RAW-images, and provides a large collection of modules to perform various image processing operations. Darktable allows database source photos, and intuitive navigation of the available images, and if necessary perform correction of distortion and improve quality, while maintaining the original image and the history of operations with him.

In the new version:

– Enhanced tools for removing noise in their work especially sensor camera used (only added to the parameters for 72 digital cameras);

– Support format jpeg2000;

– Ability to import collections of stories and modifications of Adobe Lightroom;

– Support for importing any formats supported by Service Graphics Magick;

– Improved usability of the modules distortions;

– A new, more user-friendly, tool keystone correction;

– Greatly improved loading performance miniatures;

– Support for new digital cameras (and color decoding matrix);

– New module to upload photos to the service Picasa, used for authentication oauth2.

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