Acronis True Image 2013Acronis launched Update 1 for True Image 2013 by Acronis in en-EN, en-US, de-DE and fr-FR, the build number is 6514.

Acronis International company has released an update for the product True Image 2013 – Update 1, of the a popular set of tools for backup and recovery, based on the consumer market. Attention is invited to a large number of advanced and completely new features.

Recall that the product of True Image 2013 provides protection of personal data (documents, digital photos, music, videos, etc.) stored on the hard drive of your home computer and ensure their complete safety in a variety of emergency situations. In addition, using the proposed tool, you can create a copy of the entire system and recover your computer in case of a serious software or hardware failure. You can also save your files to a secure online store, organize, easy access to important information from the cell phone and synchronize data between multiple devices.

One of the most notable improvements introduced in the new version is fully compatible with the True Image of the operating system Windows 8. In particular, you can use the recovery tools available even when the function is activated «secure boot». And thanks to the support of sold fresh version Windows PE 4.0 users can also create bootable disks preinstalled True Image 2013.

Windows 8 with True Image 2013

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Users will assess more stable mechanisms «Nonstop Backup» (NSB), who have learned to respond correctly to a sudden and unsafe off removable USB-drive. A mechanism «Email Backup» now supports the latest version of the Outlook 2013.

Developers True Image 2013 Update 1 optimized the process of delivery of useful information to the user. Pop-up notification in the system tray alert the owner of the PC running low disk space or the availability of the new version of the application, and log entries have become more clear and informative.

List of changes also includes over 80 bug fixes and bugs, among which worth mentioning separately stable job applications with native file system exFAT.