Microsoft SkyDriveMicrosoft on Wednesday announced the release of an updated version of the application SkyDrive for the operating system iOS, pointing to the fact that Apple is no longer block SkyDrive App for mobile devices iPhone and iPad.

Recall that the previous software update for SkyDrive for iOS came another 1 June last year and since then has not been updated.

Partly it is informally known, was due to disagreements between Microsoft and Apple. The latter insisted on the transfer of payments for SkyDrive, conducted through the application, while Microsoft announced that payments to SkyDrive – it’s only for it and Apple has no right to insist on profit sharing.

The new version of SkyDrive 3.0 for iOS has full support for iPhone 5 and iPad Mini, and can also be downloaded in high resolution for full-size iPad Retina.

As it is the parties resolved the conflict is not known, but in December, Microsoft announced that Apple is not going to deduct 30% for each payment on SkyDrive through the application. Soon after, Apple has blocked any app for App Store.

It is interesting to note that today its application for remote data storage for iOS and presented the company Amazon, which stated that the application Cloud Drive is now also available for iOS. In addition, the company said it has released a new version of Cloud Drive for Mac OS X. So far, Amazon Cloud Drive existed under Mac OS X, but it was written in Java and had a “native” integration services Mac OS X.